Timelapse Retouch Honda S2000

If you caught my last post, Call-Sign “S2K” – Honda S2000, you might recognise the image in this retouch timelapse.

Recently, I’ve been trying to remind myself to record the retouching stage of at least one image from each shoot so I can share the process in a timelapse like this, or start putting together videos showing my process in greater detail. So far, I’ve only done a couple of these types of timelapses.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show the whole process. I use dual monitors when editing, especially for images like these that are made up of multiple exposures blended together in post. What you can’t see is the second monitor with the additional frames I am using to grab separate exposures to blend into the main image.

It’s a limitation of the recording software I use, it can only record one screen at a time.

Nonetheless, if you enjoy seeing these videos and would like to see more, let me know in the comments below.

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