Throwback Thursday: Volkswagen MKIV Jetta

Throwing it back this week to a time before liability insurance, proper safety procedures, and 20+ megapixel cameras.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

This image of Ben Zeno’s MKIV Jetta shot on the official last day of summer a few years back pretty much sums up my summer of shooting that season. I’m not completely sure why, but I photographed a tonne of MKIV Volkswagens that year. It may have been due to me having a modified MKIV Jetta of my own at the time, so maybe unconsciously I gravitated towards them. Or maybe because there was an abundance of tastefully built examples back then. I’m not sure, but my archive is full of the popular generation.

Nonetheless, the image stirs up cravings of warm summer evening shoots with good people. The only difference this time, insurance is in place, safety is paramount, and a few more megapixels are in the camera – not that that one ever really mattered much to me.


Thank you for taking the time to view my automotive photography! –  Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

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