Sunday Select – Nov. 15th, 2015

For this week’s Sunday Select, a rolling shot of RPI Equipped‘s (old) Audi A3.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

This shoot took place back in the spring for a feature in Audi Tuner Magazine – I posted the tear sheets here from the issue if you missed it. This image found it’s way onto the cover which was pretty cool, but that’s not why I chose it for today’s Sunday Select.

Whenever I look back at the rolling shots from this shoot, I’m reminded of a close encounter we had with one of the many unique characters who roam the east side of the city. While I was out the passenger side window clicking frames, we approached an intersection where the cross street had a stop sign and the street we were traveling on did not. Just as we were about to enter the intersection a guy riding a motorized scooter decided it was a good time to blow through the stop sign and cut across our path, narrowly missing our camera car along with the A3 trailing close behind in the lane beside us. What struck me was how nonchalant the scooter rider continued on as if the near collision never happened – maybe in his state, it never did.

It all unfolded so fast, it took a few seconds after the fact to register how close we came to having an abrupt ending to our shoot.

Even though myself and the crew I regularly work with take every safety precaution when out capturing these rolling shots, it’s incidents like this that remind us how easily and quickly things can go awry. Luckily for us, on this day we were able to have a bit of a laugh about it and continue with the shoot.


Thank you for taking the time to view my photography! – Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester


*Sunday Select is a weekly installment where I pull an image from my archive – new or old – and share it. Sometimes giving a breakdown on how I created it, challenges I may have encountered during the shoot, or nothing other than an “I like it”, or sometimes “Don’t Like It” and why.


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