Sunday Select – Aug 9th, 2015

This week’s Sunday Select, Patrick Neal’s custom crystal bronze MKIV Volkswagen VR6 Jetta.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

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This image comes from a shoot I did with Patrick and his Jetta near the end of last summer. The purpose was for a potential feature, which unfortunately never happened. And not due to any reason relating to Patrick’s outstanding car – more due to timing. The magazine I had been working with made a change to their editor right at the same time the images were submitted. The original editor, and one I had been working with, excepted the car and was scheduling it in to an upcoming issue. But with the change at the editor’s chair, and some reformatting at the magazine, the feature was lost in the shuffle and was eventually dropped.

Having features dropped, or at times waiting up to a year to see it run in an issue seems to be fairly common these days. So I should count myself fortunate to have had a number of features run fairly quickly after the time I submitted them. Though, I still do have a number of them in editors hands waiting to run. The toughest part I find is telling a car owner their feature is no longer going to happen, especially since it’s completely out of my hands. It sucks.

Nonetheless, I love the look of Patrick’s Jetta in this image… stunning!


Thank you for taking the time to view my photography! – Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester


*Sunday Select is a weekly installment where I pull an image from my archive – new or old – and share it. Sometimes giving a breakdown on how I created it, challenges I may have encountered during the shoot, or nothing other than an “I like it”, or sometimes “Don’t Like It” and why.


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