Sunday Select – Aug 23rd, 2015

There’s still plenty of summer left, but I’m already looking forward to some foul weather shooting this Fall/Winter. This week’s Sunday Select is one of hundreds, if not thousands of photos I’ve taken of Jonathan Leung’s Volkswagen R32.

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Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

I’ve been fortunate to have many opportunities to photograph Jonny’s R32T and the many different fazes it’s gone through. This images is still my favorite I’ve shot of his car. In most people’s eyes, the weather was terrible.  The rain was relentless, snow was on the ground, and the temperature was nothing but cold  – hanging out the window of the camera car didn’t make the cold any better either. The near frostbite and drenched camera gear was well worth it once we saw the end result of this image.

I’m eager to get out in some inhospitable weather this season to attempt some more shots similar to this. The hard part might be trying to find a car owner willing to join me!


Thank you for taking the time to view my photography! – Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester


*Sunday Select is a weekly installment where I pull an image from my archive – new or old – and share it. Sometimes giving a breakdown on how I created it, challenges I may have encountered during the shoot, or nothing other than an “I like it”, or sometimes “Don’t Like It” and why.


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