Side Shot Saturday

The blog has been neglected lately so here’s a quick post during this grey, rainy September Saturday here in Vancouver.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

This rolling side shot of Travis’ Audi B6 A4 takes me back to the warm California sun during our road trip down to Long Beach for the XS Carnights show in March. This was during our early morning departure for home with the hopes of avoiding the notorious L.A. traffic, which we did avoid and at some points, it felt like we had the whole interstate to ourselves.

The image was shot out the passenger window of the car I was travelling in. Shooting into the sun can be tricky at times, but the silver of Trav’s car reflected the light nicely helping to hold details on the shadow side of the car.


Thank you for taking the time to view my automotive photography! – Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

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