Sunday Select – Nov. 9th, 2014

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

This week’s Sunday Select image is one of my favorites from this past summer of shooting. With a quick glance through my portfolio it’s quite obvious I don’t shoot trucks very often, or really ever for that matter. Not because I don’t have an interest, it’s just I find myself surrounded by cars more often than any other vehicle. What makes this image and subject unique is the fact that Dean’s Toyota Tacoma was our camera “car” for the shoot I was doing for European Car Magazine, and for it to become a subject was a little bit of unexpected luck.

Sunday Select – Nov. 2nd, 2014

I’m going to try something here to help stay consistent with posts on my blog. My initial goal was to complete one post per week to start off, and so far so good. But my longer term goal has been to get up to 3 post per week consistently, and with content that will contain substance – not just a random post for the sake of posting.

So I’m going to call this weekly installment ‘Sunday Select’. My thought is to choose one photo per week from my archive – new or old – and write a quick summery relating to the image. I might talk about why I like it, or the challenges involved, or if I’m brave enough, I’ll post an image I’m not so fond of and breakdown what I don’t like about it… we’ll see about that one though.

For this week’s Sunday Select I’m going to choose a recent image from a light painting shoot I completed last Sunday.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester