Toyota 4Runner TRD Off-Road In Tight Spaces

During the past year or so I’ve been incorporating the use of a strobe into the majority of my work. Even though there is still a tonne to learn and my technique is far from perfect, I feel like I’m getting more comfortable when it comes to adding artificial light into a scene.

Something I’ve been forcing myself to spend more time on lately is lighting details of the vehicles I’m shooting. Trying to do it in more of a “studio” setting – the word studio is in quotations because it’s actually my tiny garage playing the role of a studio.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

That RPI Equipped Volkswagen MK7 GTI… Again

That’s right, it’s another shoot with RPI Equipped’s Volkswagen MK7 GTI. I’ve known Jonny for roughly 5 years now, and one thing that became obvious right off the bat was Jonny rarely keeps a car for very long and the look of his cars are in a constant flux of change. His current Volkswagen MK7 GTI doesn’t break that trend one bit.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

Throwback Thursday: RPI Equipped’s Audi A7 Sportback

From time to time I like to go back to past shoots and have a look through the images I filed as “b-grade” shots. Once in awhile, I’ll find a picture that isn’t as bad as I first thought during the original selection process.

The image below of RPI Equipped‘s Audi A7 Sportback is an example of one of those pictures which landed in the “nope” folder, but a year later I felt it deserved a run through Photoshop for some retouching – to be honest, I’m glad I did.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

RWB – An Automotive Photographer’s Bucket List

As an automotive photographer, I have a bucket list of cars I hope to photograph through my career. The list is constantly growing as new vehicles pass through my social feeds, grace pages of my favourite car magazines, or pass me on the street. One car I’ve been eager to get in front of my camera is an RWB Porsche built by Akira Nakai.

This past weekend, the opportunity happened, and I was able to check the car off my Bucket List, but I sure hope it’s not the only one I get to photograph.

Vancouver Automotive Car Photographer Jason Manchester

VLOG: Snow Hunting With RPI Equipped’s VW MK7 GTI

If you caught one of my last posts of 2016 – Snow Hunting With RPI Equipped’s VW MK7 GTI – you may recognise some of the images in this Box One Collective vlog showcasing the “glamourous” behind-the-scenes on what was a cold and snowy day in Vancouver. (I’ve since bought a much warmer winter coat!).