Sunday Select – Nov. 9th, 2014

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

This week’s Sunday Select image is one of my favorites from this past summer of shooting. With a quick glance through my portfolio it’s quite obvious I don’t shoot trucks very often, or really ever for that matter. Not because I don’t have an interest, it’s just I find myself surrounded by cars more often than any other vehicle. What makes this image and subject unique is the fact that Dean’s Toyota Tacoma was our camera “car” for the shoot I was doing for European Car Magazine, and for it to become a subject was a little bit of unexpected luck.

Tear Sheets: Audizine Calendar 2014

This latest tear sheet is from the Audizine 2014 calendar where my image of Niem Tran’s Audi B6 A4 sedan is rolling through the month of November. As I type this post, the deadline for submissions for the 2015 edition is about to close. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to photograph a number of amazing Audis this past year which allowed me to make another submission for the upcoming calendar. Fingers are crossed one of them is accepted.

Audizine 2014 Calendar – November:

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

Sunday Select – Nov. 2nd, 2014

I’m going to try something here to help stay consistent with posts on my blog. My initial goal was to complete one post per week to start off, and so far so good. But my longer term goal has been to get up to 3 post per week consistently, and with content that will contain substance – not just a random post for the sake of posting.

So I’m going to call this weekly installment ‘Sunday Select’. My thought is to choose one photo per week from my archive – new or old – and write a quick summery relating to the image. I might talk about why I like it, or the challenges involved, or if I’m brave enough, I’ll post an image I’m not so fond of and breakdown what I don’t like about it… we’ll see about that one though.

For this week’s Sunday Select I’m going to choose a recent image from a light painting shoot I completed last Sunday.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

Tear Sheets: European Car Magazine – Sept 2014 and Oct 2014 Issues

It’s always nice to see work in print, and nothing matches the feel and smell of a printed magazine. The toughest part for me has to be sitting on content for 4 – 6 months, sometimes even longer until the feature hits newsstands – but it’s always worth it in the end.

Couple recent tear sheets from two of my European Car Magazine features which ran in the September and October issues.

October 2014 Issue – RPI Equipped’s Audi Q5 TDI S-Line

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

Rolling, The Automobile’s Natural State

If you’ve taken the time to look through my online portfolio, or follow any of my social profiles, it probably becomes obvious my favorite images from a shoot are the ‘Rollers’. For those not familiar with the term, it’s what automotive photographers use to refer to the rolling shot. An image of a vehicle in motion – or how I personally see it – in it’s natural state.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

Acceptance into PPOC-BC Image Salon 2014

I had a pleasant surprise yesterday during my routine trip to the mailbox where I found a large white envelope with ‘DO NOT BEND’ prominently printed on the front. After the struggle of attempting to carefully peel the envelope open trying not to damage the contents (time to buy an envelope opener), I found three certificates accompanied by three ribbons.

I’m honored to find out three of my automotive images were accepted by the Professional Photographers of Canada and exhibited in the PPOC-BC Image Salon 2014 at the end of last mouth in Vancouver. Unfortunately, I had to miss the event since it was during the same weekend I was moving my family into our new home. Nonetheless I’m excited the images where displayed among a number of talented photographers of varying genres.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

Travis (Travy) Vanausdal’s MKIV Volkswagen 20th Anniversary Edition GTI

During the Great Canadian Volkswagen Show weekend at the end of August I had the pleasure of shooting a couple cars that made the trek up from Washington State, Travy’s was one of them.

It was an early morning shoot on the grey, cloudy Saturday morning of GCVWS weekend, and to top it off our planned location was being taken over by a construction crew… apparently Google Maps doesn’t have real-time updates on the unforeseen changes to potential shoot locations (hmmm, maybe I should pitch the idea to Google). So in the end, we made do, as we do.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

These are some of the shots from the shoot…

Summer’s End


With the official final day of summer passing by us this last weekend, it’s a reminder how short the warm dry season really is here on the west coast of BC. It feels like only a few weeks ago people where pulling their cars out of winter hibernation, applying a fresh coat of wax, and gearing up for the first event of the season. But before we knew it, all the anticipated shows and cruises were behind us, late evening barbequing and garage hangs became fond memories, and cars went back into the garage or summer wheels swapped for the dreaded winter setups.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

First Blog Post

Well here we go, my blog is now functional and ready for action…

A first blog post can be challenging for any business or individual since it essentially sets the tone for what’s to come. That in itself can be nerve racking when it comes to figuring out what to say. So I think I’ll keep it simple and start with the Who, What, Why, & How. By the end I hope you have a clearer picture (no pun intended) of who I am, what I do, what to expect from this blog, and how you can be a part of it.

So who am I?