Building a Print Portfolio – Part One

I’ve recently started the process of building a new print portfolio for my automotive images and thought I’d share the steps I’m taking to create a book I’ll send out to existing and potential clients.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

The first step, I ordered a selection of approximately 30 (4×6) prints from the initial picks I made. I’ll then be culling them down to a final 20 – 25 images for the book. The small proofs are also to insure the quality of the image is where I expect it to be. Sometimes taking an image off the monitor and putting it on paper can end in some disappointing results. Calibrating my monitors and unifying my color profiles on my cameras, computer, etc has saved me a lot of headaches when it comes to printing these days – something I highly recommend to anyone serious about their photography.

Now that I know the image quality (exposure, color, tone, etc) is good, I’m now moving onto editing the selection down to a smaller number. At the same time I’m looking at which images have a similar feel and help compliment each other – this will help the flow of the final layout. My goal is for the portfolio to have an effortless feel when the viewer is going from page to page, each image leading into the next. Sounds simple enough, but it’s a step where I’ll definitely bring in some extra eyes to help nail it down.

Stay tuned for Part two where hopefully I’ll be ready to start the design and layout process.


Thank you for taking the time to view my photography!


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