Box One Collective – Webisode

This past summer another car I was fortunate to shoot for a feature was Justin McLean’s Audi B7 A4 S-Line Avant which sits nicely on an authentic set of BBS LM wheels.

During the same shoot – along with helping out – Jonny Sundell shot some behind-the-scenes footage for a Box One Collective Webisode – Audi Douche, posted below. Everyone involved are good friends and it’s easy to see this was a fairly laid back production, which was a good thing since in the opening scene I make it obvious I shouldn’t do anything whatsoever before my first cup of coffee… especially at 530am on a weekend.

I’m not able to share any of the images from the shoot since they’re for an upcoming feature elsewhere. But I can share one image of Justin’s car I took once we wrapped up and were pulled over on the side of the road figuring out where to go for a well deserved breakfast.

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester


Big thanks to Jonny and Dean for getting up so early to help out, and another big thanks to Justin for taking the time so I could photograph his stunning Avant.


Thank you for taking the time to view my photography!


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