2014 Comes to a Close

The old saying goes “Time flies when you’re having fun”. Safe to say this year seemed to fly by at light speed – and rightfully so, because I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a ton of fun!

Vancouver Automotive Photographer Jason Manchester

This post may seem to be coming a tad early for some since technically there is still a week and a half left of the year. But today is my personal deadline – I will be disconnecting and going off the grid until the New Year. My focus for the next couple of weeks will be first and foremost spending quality time with family and friends, and secondly, focusing on my strategies and goals for my business in 2015. During that time all social media relating to “business” will be taking a well deserved rest.

This past year has been exciting and scary all at the same time. Some of you may or may not know, at the beginning of last Spring I took the plunge to focus on growing my automotive photography business full-time – leaving my secure “9-5” job to peruse my passion and do something I love. It was a scary decision, and it’s required a ton of learning and hustling along the way. A number of my goals were met this year, and some I didn’t even come close to achieving. Looking back and reflecting there was constant progress forward which I’m extremely happy about.

With that said, I couldn’t have come close to accomplishing any of it without a huge support group behind me. Even though the company only has my name in it’s name, there’s a ton of incredible people behind-the-scenes helping along the way. My top supporters are my wife Cathy and two daughters Jaydah and Ava. Without the encouragement they provide me on a daily basis I’m not even sure I’d still be picking up a camera today. When things aren’t quite going in the direction I hoped, or there’s a hurdle in my way I need to get over, they’re always there at my side helping to keep me going.

Good friends like Jonny Sundell, Niem Tran, Corey McCluskey, and Joe Simon who not only come out at a moments notice to give a hand with a shoot, but continue to support the work I do and give encouragement at those times when  I need it the most. Without people like them I feel it would be next to impossible to do the work I’m fortunate to do on a regular basis.

The companies who hire me to photograph their products, the editors who run my features, and the car owners who hangout on location for hours while I do my photo-dance around their cars help provide me with an outlet for my work and supply the subjects I photograph – much of what I do wouldn’t be possible without their confidence and involvement.

There’s also the people who support my work by following along, commenting, and sharing it across their networks.

All these people are incredibly important to me!

So while I sit and reflect back on the past year I find it essential to note the people above and send a ton of gratitude their way.

I’m excited for 2015 and look forward to the continued journey.

Happy Holidays and New Year to you all, and see you in 2015!


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